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A steam navvy made in 1909

The Ruston in the Blue Lagoon

Our new DVD, “The Ruston in the Blue Lagoon”, tells how these men saved the world’s oldest working excavator.

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About Us

Blow by Blow Productions, begun in 1989 when Andrew Blow left the staff of ITV Yorkshire, is part of a small multi skilled group of media associates.


We are filmmakers who tackle a lot of other tasks – for instance digitising old tapes and reels for families.


We’ve worked for many famous companies, and with many famous people. Once we would have been described as audio-visual people. Now digital media is a better description.


We operate at the point where digital media and business meet and the place where digital media and education meet…lots of our output has gone into schools and colleges.


Members of the team can work single handed -- or call in the associates to help on more complex projects.


We give public film shows of material from our heritage and nostalgia programmes, which are available for streaming and on DVD.