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Dakota - Air Supply Drops - Kohima

By kind permission of Life Publications Ltd...
A scholarly review of aviation aspects of the "forgotten war"..... the little-known story of how brave RAF crews, under fire and aiming for supply drop zones not much bigger than a suburban garden, saved the besieged Allied armies at Kohima, one of the bloodiest battles of World War II. 
Presented by Terry O'Halloran, who, as a young airman in 31 Squadron, and later as joint Curator of the Squadron Museum, met veterans of the South East Asia air campaign and heard their stories at first hand.
This full explanation of the battles of Imphal and Kohima, supported by many relevant images and film from the period, will increase understanding of the war there.
RELEASED IN TIME FOR THE 80TH ANNIVERSARIES OF THESE BITTER BATTLES. A DONATION FROM EVERY SALE WILL GO TO THE KOHIMA EDUCATIONAL TRUST..... to help young people in the local Naga community today in gratitude for the brave support the Nagas gave to the Allied forces in the war against the Japanese armies.
The DVD was unwittingly triggered by the remarks of a young woman, a grand-daughter of a Burma veteran, outside York Minster after a Service of Remembrance. She had heard only of the American air efforts ..... only part of the story.
Terry O'Halloran, who went on to be a successful businessman and President of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, realised that even now the story of the RAF campaign is under-reported and little understood. Partly filmed and wholly edited at Blow by Blow.

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Dakota - Air Supply Drops - Kohima

  • The story of brave RAF crews of several squadrons who risked their lives to drop supplies while under fire in the South East Asia battles of Imphal and Kohima.

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