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Media Transfers

Blow by Blow and associates use many professional tape decks, video decks, slide and photo scanners and cine projectors to capture the images of yesterday. These help us make our nostalgia documentaries and bygone films, and support our public and online film shows.


With our skilled operators, these same machines can recover your family memories and stories from old formats and give them a long digital and/or DVD future.

We can tackle most video formats of the last 50 years and cine formats going back to pre-war years.

If we can’t recover it, then we know people who can.

Video Recording


We can transfer from just about any domestic format.…..treasured family memories or even old videos of hard to get feature films (for your own use only).

  • We can transfer your video to a DVD, or a memory stick/external hard drive.

  • We can add an on-screen menu if required.

  • We supply the DVD with on-disk print, and in a case with a simple insert.

PRICING (minimum charge £23.00)

Simple Transfer

Straight copy from the source tape to DVD “as is” (only possible with VHS and VHS-C tapes).

First two hours of video - £23.00

Per hour additional, or part hour - £11.50

Enhanced Transfer

Includes a light edit / tidy up. Depending on the material this might mean a little sharpening, maybe some brightening, colour grading, and the editing out of obvious blank areas, and occasionally sections where the camera was left on accidentally and filmed the ground!

First two hours of video - £34.50

Per hour additional, or part hour - £17.25

Movie Makers Transfer

As experienced filmmakers, we are ideally placed to add voiceover (which involves writing and agreeing a script), music, titling and top quality editing for a truly professional result.

Price on Application, governed by the length and complexity of the project.

Cine Film

For generations cine was the only way for families to record important life events and the fun of family get-togethers. Often, the boxes and cans linger on unloved in rarely visited corners of the home. Get them out! Let us preserve those memories and bring them back to life!

Simple Transfer:-

  • cleaning of the original and colour correction

  • on-screen titles or captions if required at £2.30 per caption

  • “As is” transfer (for 8mm, 9.5mm or 16mm reels) to DVD or mpeg4 or other digital formats (for digital, provide your own USB stick or external hard drive, or we can supply)

Enhanced Transfer

              As above but enhanced with a menu including your description for each film or chapter, and a custom still image header. Includes the light edit / tidy up referred to above  

              under VHS to DVD.


Cine to HD files or Blu-ray, (Blu-ray (BDR) MP4, H264, DNXHD, AVI). We can produce to Blu-ray discs with basic or enhanced menus. Please call 07850 521430 to discuss.


Cine with sound

Please note - films with either an optical or magnetic soundtrack carry a 25% surcharge

Prices for transfer of Cine Film

Film Reels

*The original film carton or box will usually state the length in feet. Before 1965 and the advent of Super 8, many 16mm reels had to be turned round and passed through the camera a second time to record both edges. The reel was then slit at the laboratory and sent back to the customer at twice the length e.g. a 25 foot reel would come back as 50 feet of 8mm. If in difficulty, please measure the reel across and call 01522 754901 to describe, or, better still, send a mobile phone picture to

Amended cine prices snip.JPG
Photography Slide


Slides were for years a popular way to store and show photographs. We can take your slides and provide modern digital versions of the images.

  • Standard Slides each - £0.69

  • “120” Format Slides  each - £1.38


Who hasn’t got albums full of old photos?  We can take those photos and expertly digitize them, and then they will never deteriorate further.  You can supply your own storage media or we can supply that as well.

  • Photos up to 10” x 12” each - £0.60

Audio Cassettes

Music cassettes deteriorate just a little each time they are played.  We can digitize and supply an Audio CD of the content, or audio files on digital media - and they will never get worse.

  • Audio Cassette to Audio CD Transfer per cassette - £10.00

Reel to Reel

When we capture the audio from your reel to reel tape, we provide not only MP3 format, but a high quality WAV version as a master as well. 

  • Per Tape - £34.50

Professional & Broadcast Tapes to MP4 or DVD

For Lo-Band, BVU-SP, Betacam and DVCAM transfers Please Contact Us.

Transfer Procedures

We try never to use post or dispatch companies with precious family materials. If possible we arrange direct collection, or for you to deliver personally or by proxy. 

If this is not practical, we can arrange an alternative.  Please Contact Us.


Film Reel

A Lincolnshire Family

A Lincolnshire family were celebrating the 500th anniversary of the purchase of their estate. This property transfer took place 500 years earlier at the font of St Paul’s Cathedral in London. 


They put on a pageant to celebrate the anniversary, filmed by Blow by Blow Productions, and we produced a documentary film of the event which delighted elderly relatives who could not attend.

Video Camera

Ian Beckwith

"Thank you for the transformation of my slides into a computer-friendly easy-to-access format. I am delighted with the result. You may go to the top  of the class! Best wishes, from a very happy Ian"  - Ian Beckwith, Shropshire 


Sarah O'Brien

“It was lovely to hear Grandad’s voice again and we were so pleased with the quality” – Sarah O’Brien, Welton, Lincoln

Film Reels

Christmas Present

“The old cine films you digitized for me made the best Xmas present ever for the family – my sisters were amazed how it brought back to life the old family holidays, and my sister’s wedding in the 60s.  Great work!” 

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