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We are filmmakers who specialise in working with old film and video. We help families, businesses, and public bodies with their cine and video archives.

We rescue old material from formats of yesteryear, damp and dilapidation – and once we retrieved film cans from a dustbin that would have been emptied next day.

If we access material of general interest, e.g. a local High Street in the 1950s, or how a town celebrated the Coronation, we ask if we can research and narrate it for today’s audiences in our nostalgia DVDs and streamed programmes.

Our happiest moment? When someone recognises a friend or relative in one of the old films we have brought back to life and made available inexpensively.

We licence old film from big archives for our own productions - and sometimes broadcasters licence material from our own collection of 6000 films and tapes, mainly associated with the Midlands and North of England.

We give talks and film shows when possible and hope to resume post-Covid.

We have been in the media business for decades and think we know quite a bit!

Latest DVDS

The Ruston in the Blue Lagoon

the oldest working Navvy

The incredible story of Steam Navvy no 306, made in 1909,and engineering historian Ray Hooley who rescued it from a watery grave. Also, take a ride with The Lincoln Trams (1882-1929)

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