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Lincoln’s Stonebow and Guildhall - the Inside Story!

We introduce you to this Tudor building in the heart of Lincoln  -- and its beautiful Council Chamber and Guildhall, which is above the arch that every shopper and visitor knows.

We'll see the delightful civic rooms and the amazing civic treasures. We see Mayor Making that colourful day in May when a new Mayor is appointed.

The Mayoralty of Lincoln dates back to 1206 and is the third oldest in England. We see the appointment of the new City Sheriff.

We follow the new Civic Party out into the community..... and see the highlight of the previous civic year when the Olympic flame was run through Lincoln.

The Chief Executive of the City of Lincoln Council will tell us about two of his historic predecessors and their amazingly long service to the authority and the city.

We'll look back at some of the colourful events that have taken place at the Guildhall – from Royal visits to football celebrations.

We'll go down go down into its 18th-century dungeon, and up into its 19th-century clock workings.

We'll hear the Town Crier in full voice, and meet new Freemen of the city.

We'll see ancient charters, valuable paintings and artefacts.

We'll hear about Mrs Amy Beechey, who tragically lost five sons in WW1. She met King George V in the Guildhall soon after the war ended.

We'll hear about Snips the dog and his years of charitable work for the people of Lincoln. And much more besides.

Please note that no council taxpayers money was involved in the creation of this DVD. A donation from each copy sold will go to the Mayors Charity.


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